Complete Beginner Guitar Course DVD

Price : BDT 1500 / $ 15

Language: Bangla
Runtime : 1 hour 30 minutes
Facilities : A to Z in here for Beginners with Guitar Theory, Tab screen in Bangla. You can learn guitar very fast.

Short Info :

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside

1. Best LEARN TO PLAY THE GUITAR FOR BEGINNERS, Perfect Video Lessons to learn Guitar lesson strp by step For The Absolute Beginner.

2. A simplified way to understand this DVD

3. You ll play any song when you ll complete this DVD’s exercise & undertood.

4. The secret method of getting tecnicques for learn fast Guitar

5. Lots of popular Guitar exercise here with Guitar Theory

6. Learn where these exercises are applied – references from popular songs

7. Visual references to help you nail all the methods and techniques

8. No prior experience needed – completely beginner friendly

9. Enjoy playing it and take it at your own pace, without getting frustrated or confused.